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Don't take anyone's word... here's the real, original documents

Recommendation for Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union Version of 25/12/2020

Magna Carta
The original text of Magna Carta
Text of the Magna Carta 1297 as in force today (including any amendments) within the United Kingdom, from

UK Party Donations 2010-2020
Listing of 27,000 reported private and company political donations from 2010 to early 2020, supplied by on 22/07/2020.
Download XLS file: UK Party Donations 2010-2020.xls

How Much Does Immigration Cost Britain?
In 2018 the Conservative government asked Oxford Economics how much immigration cost the UK. Their report is here...
Oxford Economics - The Fiscal Impact of Immigration on The UK

Who controls borders and immigration in Britain and Ireland?
"Council of Europe (CoE) and European Union (EU) Member States have an undeniable sovereign right to control the entry of non-nationals into their territory."

The UK and the Republic of Ireland control their own borders and immigration, separate from the rest of the EU. This is enshrined in the Treaty of Amsterdam. THE LAW:
"The United Kingdom shall be entitled .. to exercise at its frontiers with other Member States such controls on persons seeking to enter the United Kingdom as it may consider necessary for the purpose:
(a) of verifying the right to enter the United Kingdom of citizens of States which are Contracting Parties
(b) of determining whether or not to grant other persons permission to enter the United Kingdom.
Nothing in the Treaty establishing the European Community or in any other provision of that Treaty or of the Treaty on European Union or in any measure adopted under them shall prejudice the right of the United Kingdom to adopt or exercise any such controls. References to the United Kingdom in this Article shall include territories for whose external relations the United Kingdom is responsible.
Article 2
The United Kingdom and Ireland may continue to make arrangements between themselves relating to the movement of persons between their territories ('the Common Travel Area`)"

What is the 'freedom of movement agreement'?
This is the Schengen Agreement (or 'acquis') THE LAW
"United Kingdom is therefore not taking part in the adoption of this Regulation and is not bound by it or subject to its application."

This is explained more in the 'Schengen Borders Code' THE LAW:
"The United Kingdom is therefore not taking part in the adoption of this Regulation and is not bound by it or subject to its application.. Ireland is.. not taking part in the adoption of this Regulation and is not bound by it or subject to its application."

The Withdrawal Agreement

A Freeport or 'Free Zone' is an area in a country where goods can be traded without (or with minimal) tax or regulation. They are useful where goods are brought into a country simply to be sent on elsewhere. Here is a list of existing freeports in the EU...

The Japan Trade Deal
What's the difference (if any) between the EU trade agreement with Japan and the UK one? (A= not much)

'Britain Votes Leave' document from 2016

Who own Britain's Fish?
The official documents:

Operation Yellowhammer
The official document released on 2 August 2019 with its title changed from "Base Scenario" to "Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions" - and one redacted paragraph reportedly dealing with the impact on the oil refining industry:

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