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Dominic Cummings is a very interesting case of getting power by generating a 'false enemy'. His voluminous blog posts are a vast invective against the supposed foul enemy of 'experts'. He riles against "intellectual elite" who "cut themselves off from understanding", against the "better educated" who are "irrational" even the whole medical profession which "unnecessarily kills and injures people on a vast scale". Experts "typically provide signal, noise, and bias" they "do not understand statistics properly", and are "prone to political hysteria".

This taught lawmakers that the reason their astonishingly clever ideas repeatedly didn’t work wasn’t because they were no good, but because they had an enemy, the so-called ‘experts’ - who really didn’t understand - kept holding them back. So Mr Cummings got a vastly paid job to advise, and vast power to seemingly direct, the British Conservative Party. The parliamentarians loved it, summed up in Minister Michael Gove’s "people in this country have had enough of experts". The result was not just a willingness to ignore those daft 'experts', but an assumption that if an expert said it, it must be wrong, leading to a series of preposterous policy decisions, including Brexit.

Has Dom deleted something? Altered something to make him look more prescient?
Surely not. No problem. Everything is archived...

As Mr Cummings is fond of 'unusual people' who 'think differently' and are 'good at coding' he might like to know that I, the uneducated Glyn Hughes, coded this page and distributed it using the 'Whimberry' data system, which I also coded, all written in the VisualNeo programming language, which I helped develop.

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