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EU Citizenship and EU Passports
Many people, not least those in the UK, would like to have some form of definite EU citizenship. The EU isn't a government, and only Nation states can issue Citizenship. But the EU can issue passports, and with them many of the the rights of citizenship (Regulation 1417/2013) as is already sometimes done for diplomats and officials. The countries of the EU have agreed that this form of passport, known as "laissez-passer" can be extended "on exceptional basis and upon due motivation, to special applicants" On this basis me, Glyn Hughes, along with Sue Wilson and others have set up an official European Citizens Initiative to ask the Commission to formalize, simplify and speed-up the process of issung EU Passports (the "universal instrument") to every European Citizen who wants one

What is a European Citizens’ Initiative?
A European Citizens' Initiative is a feature of EU democracy that allows any citizen to present legislation, if they can garner the support of one million citizens across the Union. (Regulation 211/2011). Citizens’ Initiatives were first introduced with the Lisbon Treaty in 2012, as a way to empower citizens to deliver a better Europe. They have rarely been used up until now.
Citizens’ Initiative Basic Facts:

Can't Vote on the official website?
This is a real vote, subject to the strict voting rules of the country you live in. If you can't vote, you can help by encouraging hundreds of your friends and relatives to vote on your behalf, so we can create a law to change things. And you can write to your MEP

Legal information
The online referendum is to approve:
TITLE: European Free Movement Instrument
SUBJECT-MATTER: Guaranteeing European citizens free movement by a Universal Instrument
MAIN OBJECTIVES: For the better functioning of a free market, in the interest of the Union and in order to comply with the duty of care towards all its citizens, we beg the Commission to delineate a method by which all Europeans of good standing may be granted a signal and permanent instrument of their status and of their right to free movement throughout the Union by way of a unified document of laissez-passer as permitted by Article (4) of Council Regulation 1417/2013, or by another method
Article 45, 48, 57, 77, 78, 79 of the (Consolidated) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
Articles 2(2), 17, 39, 42 and 63a of the Treaty of Lisbon (2007)
Article 1 of the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997)

Is this going to cost me money?
No. But you can chip in with the expenses if you like. Thanks!

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